CoverFlow is an amazingly beautiful album art viewer that is compatible with iTunes for Macintosh. CoverFlow will automatically search your MP3 collection in Synergy, Clutter, or Amazon’s artist database and grab the ablum art that goes along with the artists. It will then allow you to view the album art inside of the application by using a slider located on the bottom. As you move the slider, you will be shown the Artists name and see the Albums flip like a book in the direction that you are moving the slider. The animation looks absolutely amazing and that won me alone. If you are not happy with the album art that CoverFlow finds, you can easily add your own art by using there simple drag and drop functionality.

Another feature that I really like about CoverFlow is that as you scroll through the selection of albums, upon stopping on a cover, you can then click it. When you click it, it will open your media player and play the songs that are in that album only. Very cool.

Unfortunately, CoverFlow only works with MP3′s at this time but it is in the feature request list for AAC support for iTunes. They are also working on making it flip to the album that you are currently playing in iTunes automatically.

View CoverFlow – Find and view album art.

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