Project Neon is a private Peer-to-Peer Sharing application that allows you to share videos, music, and photos with family, friends, or private groups. Project Neon is currently only available for Windows and has many features that can help you store your videos on your computer and share them for free with anyone you choose. It has a built in contacts list, an inbox, video search features, and more.

Like what the File Sharing Blog has said, the beauty of Project Neon is that you don’t actually have to download the videos to view it. You can simply stream it first and if you like what you see, you are free to download it to your computer. Another great feature that is pointed out is that the quality of the movie can depend on your connection speed if you want. This way, if you are on a slow connection and are wanting to download a large movie, it will compress it (loosing quality) to fit the download speed that you have set.

Project Neon is off to a great start, but it needs more public videos to search from. Try it out, if you like it and feel like contributing to the public for some movies, music, and photography.. go for it. Happy sharing!

View Project Neon – Private P2P Video Sharing.

5 Comments on “Project Neon – Private P2P Video Sharing”

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  2. phani says:

    i am interest to join

  3. richard barnes says:

    i will love to be a member of this club and i will love it if you all will have me

  4. Internet Website Design says:

    hmmm – I say its doomed – b/c it doesnt have enough video content to be relevant as of now – but then if it ever does get enough content it will be targeted with all the focus on file sharing at the moment. Catch 22

  5. Metalogic says:

    I say it is only doomed by naysayers that bought into the whole torrent scam, which has become a mafia run network of scumbags mostly. I am sick of the torrent BS. Back to P2P…