Came across this nice, small, and simple method of allowing downloading for your visitors called, FlameLab. First off, the main page is in a different language that I do not understand, but if you continue to the bottom of the page, you will see a link to the demo of how FlameLab works. The username and password is demo/demo. FlameLab looks like a great tool that would be very helpful if you want your downloads to be password protected and away from the open. I am not sure if you are able to signup, but, right when you login with the demo information it will immediately bring you to the download area. And by the way, the download area is the only area. Nice simple solution to protect or “transfer” downloads. This solution was also developed using PHP and XML.

Note: I do not know if there is a download available on the website. I just see the demo and no links pointing to the creator.

2 Comments on “FlameLab Download Transfer”

  1. Frank van den Berg says:

    Thanks for your nice review. I really appreciate it.
    I will translate some of the the text on my website. I launched trandfer just a week ago. It needs some improvement and also some translations in the language files. so if you (whoever) are intrested todo this please let me know or just do this by edit a lang file in the package.

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