Today, I was inspired by my sister to write about typing, typing games to be specific. Yesterday she had found a wonderful game, that I am sure many of you have already seen, but you may not notice the power that it holds. The game she has been playing is called, LEtters 0.9. In the beginning stages, she was receiving scores in the range of 80 to 130 and as I watched I had noticed her looking repeatedly at the keyboard making sure of each key, probably because the fact that if you miss, you get negative points. I walked away for about an hour, and came back. She was still at it and I was shocked to see her score raise to around 350. Once again, I observed as she played and noticed that she has not been looking at the keyboard anymore when typing a key. She had played so much that she has grown a her mental image of the keyboard and just pressing a key on instinct. The more she played, the better and faster she got. Can I beat her? Nope, she’s got me beat big time with my score topping at around 340. Moral of the story, play typing games!

So, with typing games in mind, I have decided to search for my favorite of the games available online. Also note that LEtters 0.9 is my favorite.

  • LEtters 0.9 – The most actively paced typing game I have played that increases your speed and reactions a great deal.
  • Typer Shark – Don’t let the sharks and piranhas get you!
  • Typing Master – This game is not really a challenge, but there is a point in the game that may get you stumped to realize a common mistake in typing.
  • The Typing of the Ghosts – Fun game that you have to type the words on the ghosts before they get too close! Warning, you will be typing the websites name and domain name multiple times as the words come up.
  • Play4Traffic Game – This game is fun and quiet hard at times. The idea behind it is the better the score, the higher in the rankings you will be to recieve free traffic. Interesting concept, but I’m not playing for the traffic, just the fun.

I hope these games were fun and helpful at the same time. Enjoy!

6 Comments on “Have fun improving your typing!”

  1. noha says:

    i like typing

  2. Rossana says:

    I love typinmg fast

  3. Free Fun Games says:


    Interesting topic… I’m working in this industry myself and I don’t agree about this in 100%, but I added your page to my bookmarks and hope to see more interesting articles in the future…

  4. daniel babb says:

    there arn’t any typing games that are fun there should be some typing games that are fun were you type something and the person does it like a action typing game were you can shoot people

  5. auntlee says:

    Play these fun ones online, and for real fun, go to the downloads section and download Typing of the Dead, where you do indeed get to shoot, not people, but zombies.

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