I was just playing with LiveQuartz and it has blown my mind away with what is possible. My brother is a graphic designer, a good one at that, and has had many experiences with many graphic applications. This morning, he told me about LiveQuartz, and I have never seen him so excited about an image editing application such as this. At first glance, it honestly looks like a tiny application with simple text, brushes, layers, etc. But, that is definitely not the case. After looking at my brother do some neat things with the application, it was clear that LiveQuartz needs to be told on Solution Watch.

You get your basic toolbars. Your brush, arrow, eraser, text, hand, magnification, cropping, you know.. the average tools. Then you also get the “Spiral Tool.” Do not think of this tool as a tool that will make spirals, because it is not. It is a tool to control filters in real time, and this is the amazing thing about the application.

Filters in LiveQuartz are what make the application so amazing. You have your filter control bar on the right of the application for layers of filters and the filter selection. Yes, layers of filters is what I said. So you have normal layers for the image, and then you have filter layers that you can build multiple filters on top of each other on the same image layer. Cool? Oh yes. This is not the part that gets me excited though, it is the part where you select a filter. When you select the filter, it will render it on the image and you can change your normal options from below the filter dropdown selection. That is neat and all, but now you want to grab the Spiral Tool. Have a filter like, Kaleidoscope (my favorite), with the Spiral Tool selected. Once you select the filter, you willl see it rendered. Now, take the Spiral Tool and click on the image and drag around. It will change the filtering in real time depending on your positioning. Do not take the word, spiral, to literal, because that is not the focus in this. Try it on other filters to get the feel. After using this, you can see the sure benefit of this.

I recommend trying this application out as it really shows what is possible with Macintosh’s core imaging technology. Note, this is for Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger), so don’t try to use this on anything earlier as you could have issues.

View LiveQuartz Image Editing.

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  1. Robert Banghart says:

    I followed a link to your site from http://www.blogherald.com/2005/08/22/100-blogs-in-100-days-day-1-solution-watch/

    I liked what I saw and I subscribed.

    I only get partial posts in my reader (Attensa for Outlook).

    There just isn’t enough time in the day for me to click through to read about each thing you find that may interest me or my clients. I’ll make do with those sites that send full feeds.

    Best of luck anyway.

  2. Nikki says:

    How do i access the filters?

    I downloaded livequartz and I didn’t see the filters.