If you are like me and like to know exactly how long certain projects and tasks take you, then you may want to look at MapleXp. If you are working on a project for a client, you would like to keep record of every task for the project, and keep a record of how long each task takes you so you can accurately bill the client.

In the screenshot above, you can see that I created the project, SolutionW, short for Solution Watch. First off, this is one thing I did not like about the application that the creator may want to take into consideration. The “Project Name” field only allows for a small amount of character, and because of this, I was forced to make my project name shorter. This is not a big issue, but more of annoyance. But, really, that’s the only complaint. I created my database, my project, and then a task. I then had the ability to start timing myself. I will go through the process with you as it is a little confusing.

How to use MapleXp

The first step is to add a database. Go to File > New Database and create a name for your database and save it somewhere accessible. Then click on the second icon on the toolbar called, Projects (F3). When this window opens, you are going to want to Right Click and select, “Create Project.” Fill in the name and description and select OK. Now, you create a task. This is where the “Job Pad” comes in. Select the first icon on the toolbar that is called, “Job Pad.” Go to the bottom where it says, “Start New Task” and fill in the information. When you click “Start,” it will begin the timer, so get read to work! When you are completed, click “Stop” on the top and it will automatically log your time into the Activity Records. To view all your previous activities or time worked on projects, click on the fourth icon on the toolbar or press F5. Once you get that down, you are good to go.

The application is pretty good and I can see it as being very helpful to some. Did I mention, it is free?

View MapleXp, Working Time Logger.

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