Automate Excel is a great blog that opened a whole new world of Microsoft Excel to me. It has shown me things that I never knew were possible with spreadsheets. Did you know that with Excel, you can perform Google or Yahoo Backlink searching, or play a game of Tetris or Pool? Or maybe you would like to create your own RSS Feeds using Excel or perform a Job Search?

How is this possible? After playing around with a few of them, I found that it is all possible with the user of Macros and the Visual Basic Editor (VBA) for Excel. With VBA, you can produce tasks by created buttons and other objects, Message Boxes that popup, images, and a lot of other things I didn’t think were possible. If you want to learn more about using VBA with Excel, I recommend starting off looking at these tutorials that include images and good descriptions to guide you through the way.

I did have to enable use of Macros in my Excel Options to use these. Now I just get alerted before opening a document with Macros to see if I want to enable it or not as a security precaution.

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  1. mark says:

    Thanks for the write up about Automate Excel.

    Very nice site here, subscribed!

  2. Jalaj says:

    With so much of power, VBA is still called “Macro”, the age-old & powerless method to automate tasks in Lotus1-2-3. Who is to blame when Microsoft itself refers it as “Macro” in it’s menu items.