I have seen many applications since the start of Solution Watch, but none of them really caught my eye as much as Desktop Manager does. Desktop Manager is an application for Macintosh that will allow you to have access to multiple desktops, or in other words, a way to have windows appear on a seperate virtual desktops. For example, you are working with Photoshop and other programs open on Desktop #1, while on Desktop #2, you have some websites open. In doing this, you can easily switch from desktop to desktop to view only the applications you want in a certain workspace.

What Desktop Manager will allow you to do is to create as many virtual desktops as you want, I believe four are set at default. You can set windows as a “sticky” window so it will stay available throughout all desktops, set transitions for when switching between desktops (really cool), easy managing of the windows, shortcut key combinations, and even edge support that will switch desktops depending on where you position your mouse against the edge of the desktop.

Above, you see a screenshot of one of the transitions in effect. The transition in use is called the Cube Transition. When you switch between desktops, which you can easily do with Apple+Alt+Left or Right, it will play the transition from the current desktop to the desktop of choice. After installing this small application on my brothers system, we played around with every transition and found that we both like the Cube Transition the most. There are others as well including, Cross Fading, Zooming, Reveal, Warping, Sliding, etc., which all are very neat. You can view movies on them inside the Screenshots section.

This is one of those applications that can make your life easier and also make a nice way to show off to your friends on how neat your Macintosh is. Eye candy at its finest.

By the way, the disclaimer reads, “This software is alpha quality. Use at your own risk. It has only been tested with OS X version 10.3 (Panther). On other versions your milage may vary.” Just so you all know, we have installed this on Tiger and it works perfectly. The application runs without a spec of lag and is just excellent.

View Desktop Manager, Virtual Desktop for Macintosh.

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