TaskThis! is another tool to make a todo list, much like 37signals, Tada-list, but is created with Ruby and has some really nice effects. It is a simple web application that you signup to and instantly can make tasklists. Within these tasklists you can add as many tasks as you need to a list and check off the ones you have completed.

The creator, Matt McCray, said on his blog, “Before you roll your eyes and say: “Ugh! Another todo list example?!”, this one is different! Honestly. Sort of. It’s using the new Rails (0.11.1) asynchronous AJAX tools. It’s using them a lot. Plus, you can download the source and play around with it.” Yes, you read it right, the source is available too… very nice.

The feature that won me on TaskThis! is all the great looking effects. He, of course, implemented the fading technique as used in Tada List as well. Also, when you complete a task or bring one back that you have completed, it will do this great sliding effect. You can add comments to each task that you add and even view a printable version of your list that turned out well.

Go give it a test run. I really like it (more then Tada List) and I am surely going to continue using it.

Goto TaskThis!

2 Comments on “TaskThis! Todo list”

  1. Alec says:

    Very nice stuff, this task-this. And as you mention the sourcecode is available. No need to worry about 37signals lockup or lockout (read down for the singlefile story – or observe Basecamp price hikes).

  2. Bob says:

    Hi! I need help for this ÁÃÅÉÍÎÐÔ× ÝÞ¶»Â ÒÒ in my mail…