I came across this amazing application a few days ago and decided to give it a couple of days to test run it and I must say, I am impressed. It is called, Bibble Lite. Bibble Lite is a free professional photo-manipulation application that will, well, allow you to do what the professionals in photography do. It was created by Bibble Labs and is made available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

Bibble features some of the most advanced manipulation I have used, but I suppose that isn’t saying much as I am not a professional. I can however see a big difference between many of the Art programs I have used in comparison to Bibble. To try out the program, I pulled a very fuzzy picture I took of a clock with an old camera that really needed some touching up. The first thing that came to mind was sharpness and noise. The photo was consisting of a horrid pixelated look to it. I popped open the Sharpening options, and played with the bars as you can see below:

I am no professional, but I did see a huge difference in detail already and I was surprised in how well it worked out. The above is not my finished product, however. I continued messing around with other features such as highlighting, exposure, histogram curves (don’t know what I did, but it helped!), and simple color adjustments. By then, the photo was looking pretty good and definitely better then the previous.

Bibble also has a photo browser, batch processing, and a neat printing queue. The batch processing will allow you to have multiple photos render with all of your seperate batch configuration and really makes an efficient work flow when working with the photos. The printing queue is really cool. You can set printing queues that can set a set of photos, photos on a grid, contact sheet, or seperate photos. You can even create your own customized layouts to use for printing the photos.

Overall, Bibble Lite is amazing. Maybe a little too advanced for myself, but for a more experienced photographer, this is a gold mine. Everything you need, and if it isn’t they Bibble Labs also has a Pro version available that consists of more top notch features.

View Bibble Lite, Professional Photo-Manipulation.

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