As we all know, there has been a big craze in Social Bookmarking lately. Because of this, I decided to keep up and make a list of the ones that I thought were good quality sites. I also have a seperate listing of Visual Social Bookmark websites. I will try to give as short of a description as I can as the list is fairly large. I also tried to keep the list down to the ones where you don’t have to sign up if you do not want.

Social Bookmark Websites:

  • How can I not add this one. I see this one as the godfather of social bookmarking
  • Social Bookmarking, Tagging, Blogging & Notes. Mmmmmm, Notes.
  • Simpy: Simpy also helps you find like-minded people, discover new and interesting sites, publish your bookmarks, detect and eliminate link-rot, etc.
  • Linkroll: Collaborative web bookmarks and link blogs. This one recently added a Podcasting feature too!
  • OpenBM: This a great clean social bookmark website that features “Cool Tabs” and a great community of bookmarkers.
  • Scuttle: Online Bookmarks Manager. Very clean and almost always has something that I have not seen yet elsewhere.
  • Digg: The very popular Digg. Digg is a technology news website that combines social bookmarking, blogging, RSS, and non-hierarchical editorial control.
  • Squik: This is a great list of all the funny sites you come across on the web. Looks like its source is from and just filters out the fun tags.
  • Feedmarker: Feedmarker lets you bookmark items from the Web and read RSS and Atom feeds. It also lets you organize all your stuff (feeds and marks) using an open tagging system.
  • Netvouz: Netvouz is a very appealing and organized social bookmarking website that I find my self visiting quiet often.
  • CiteULike: CiteULike is perfect for students or anyone that wishes to learn something. It is an academic social bookmarking list.
  • Blinklist: This one is one of my top favorite lists. Great results, and my favorite part is the use of AJAX with the next and previous buttons. Excellent.
  • CommonTimes: A social bookmarking community for the latest news. I subscribe to the RSS for technology tag!
  • MyProgs: This is a fairly new social bookmarking site that stays only on the topic of programs. It’s great to see what is the most popular software by looking at the most popular software.
  • Bean Rocket: Bean Rocket is an awesome service where you can subscribe to RSS feeds and tag the posts that you like. On my A+ list.
  • TagHop: Add your latest links and thoughts; read, rate & comment on others. Choose your friends, know what they are seeing – let them know what you find cool. Join communties with similar interests. Collaborate.
  • Connotea: This is Connotea, a free online reference management service for scientists created by Nature Publishing Group.
  • Unalog: Great social bookmarking site that allows you to search by person, tag, and even groups. You are able to become a member to the groups listed too!
  • Jots: Jots is one of the first social bookmarking sites I have come across and I still love going to it because I have always found some of the best quality links here.
  • Lookmarks: Social bookmarking list that seems to focus more onto the searching of bookmarks, which is definitely great.
  • Shadows: “Make your own search engine and share it with others” with the use of tagging your bookmarks.
  • DinnerBuzz: Dinnerbuzz is a social guide to restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. It’s designed to make it easier for you to find a place for dinner or drinks anywhere in the world.
  • Linux Questions Bookmarks: LQ Bookmarks allows you to bookmark, tag, annotate and share links to Open Source and Linux related sites.
  • Social bookmarking using tags and scores to determine the position on the list. Browse by looking for “better” or “worse.” Neat.

Visual Social Bookmarking Websites:

  • BlogMarks: BlogMarks is a popular visual bookmarking list that includes screenshots for almost every bookmark.
  • Wists: free service designed to make it super easy to mine the web for its hidden treasures and store lists of links to them in a personal, online image gallery scrapbook.
  • Hot Links: Very good social bookmark site that gives screenshots for the sites and are all the “Hot” items selected from a collection of websites.

That does it. Hope you find the right one for you! If anyone knows of any others or, even better, more Visual Bookmarking sites, drop me an email! Enjoy the list!

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  1. Otis Gospodnetic says:

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  2. TechCrunch says:

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  3. Bill Lazar says:

    RawSugar probably belongs on this list too. Tagging, a little AJAX, and industrial strength search. Though not mentioned yet anywhere on the site, we just added RSS feeds too; my Bruce Springsteen collection, for instance.

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  5. Ravi says:

    Really good work. Before I came across your site, I was of the impression that was the only social bookmarking site. But now this post has shattered that impression.

    Thanks a lot for the post.


  6. Brian Benzinger says:

    Thank you Ravi, there sure are a whole bunch of them out there. The hard part is finding the one that is right for you.

    Great list, btw: Most popular softwares bookmarked on

  7. Michiel says:

    Cool :) I did a similar list 6 months ago (much less comprehensive), its fascinating to see these services evolve so rapidly.

  8. Michiel says:

    btw my list was aimed more at tag-based services but hey, it’s all social baby ;)

  9. Kossatsch says:

    Look at – this will be interesting to you…

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  11. Luistxo says:

    Tagzania: social bookmarking of places, geographic locations instead of UR-Locations. Also visual in the sense that each tag can be plotted with GoogleMaps background. Sort of + googlemaps.

  12. Curt says:

    I wonder: Has anyone developed a one-button app that would, in one fell swoop, add a link to all my social bookmarking sites?

  13. cbgreenwood says:

    Not exactly a one-button app, but a one-bookmarklet bookmarks all service ;-)

  14. hisham says:

    I’ve switched 4 social bookmarking sites and settled with BlinkList, and it rocks! Here are more reviews

  15. Ron says:

    Lounge is a free and fresh, just-off-the-shelf social bookmarking site. It’s got a simple and easy interface. Good one to be included in the list.

  16. IBM ShortCuts Podcast » Blog Archive » Cut #11: Choosing a social bookmarking service says:

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  17. John says:

    Thank you very much! I had no idea there were so many . I have been using Digg for a while now but I will definitely try out the others now as well

  18. tj says:

    TekTag is a new social bookmarking site designed specifically to help technical staff and developers find useful technical information –

  19. Micky Bou says:

    Hey, check out Cloudy Tags. it’s a collaborative site discover machine and social bookmarking site. Absolutely ‘Ajaxified’!

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  21. Ed says:

    You may also want to include in your list this new bookmarking site

  22. Successful Social Bookmarking | Trinity Seven says:

    [...] is a site that not only lists a few SBM sites but some descriptions as well. Notice that there are different types of bookmarking sites for various types of sites or pages. My experiment hints that if others bookmark your site, it might help a site count as an inbound link. [...]

  23. Dan Griffin says: is a service that lets you post a web page to numerous social bookmarking sites.

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    Perfect i was trying to find a list like this of social bookmarking site this sure did help me alot.

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    We have a downloadable list of 2,162 Social Bookmarking and Networking sites along with status.


  44. Ryan Ward says:

    I think that at this point, this list can just keep growing and growing with so many people trying to throw their hat into the ring.

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    SW Collection: Social Bookmarking Galore!…

    Lots of Social Bookmarks listed on this site. Have a look see!…

  48. gout says:

    bravo….great listing social bookmarks…thank you

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    Bean Rocket is pretty good – I’m at that site on a regular basis. I also use Digg and Linkroll.