Flock is a social networking tool that is currently in the making by the Flock Team, formally Round-Two. Round-Two is well known for its Firefox extension, and is now off to make the “world’s most innovative social browsing experience.” There is not much information about Flock yet, but from what I can see, it is going to be really good. I did come across a review from an older private beta release: The Flock has landed: Round Two launches new social networking tool, from IO Error. According to the article, it is not only a system to be social and tag bookmarks. It is much more, even the ability to post to blogging systems using a WYSIWYG editor. IO Error says, “It organizes all of your blogs in a single unified interface and allows you to read and edit your posts, as well as making new posts. In addition, it integrates into your Flickr photo collection and allows you to easily insert photos into your posts.”

On top of that, the system is supposed to have a very strong bookmark and breadcrumb system with Firefox integration. Below is a description about it from IO Error:

Flock also includes “breadcrumbs,” a link tagging system similar to del.icio.us but which goes a little beyond it. Flock’s breadcrumbs are deeply integrated into Firefox. The simple “+” icon in the Firefox toolbar lets you immediately add whatever page you’re looking at. You can also browse the most frequently tagged links directly from your toolbar, browse links that your friends have tagged, or browse all links with a particular tag. With breadcrumbs being integrated directly into a blog posting and image management tool, the possibilities look bright indeed.

The only thing we can do now is wait and signup to the mailing list. Flock looks great, I’m excited about it. I have been looking for a system that can do what I need, a system that has bookmark tagging, and a system to help with blogging. I’ll be waiting, Flock!

View Flock Social Networking Tool.

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  1. Matt Wilson says:

    Interesting.. I read the linked review, sounds neat. Let’s hope it lives up to its pre-determined reputation.

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    Flock – Social Browsing is Cool

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    Location: Palo Alto
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