PDF2HTMLgui is a neat free application that will allow you to turn any PDF into nice HTML Documents, and I must say, it works very nicely. It will split up the pages, allow for images and columns in text in random places, it will pretty much duplicate the PDF as best as it can.

The interface is nice and clean and I like how it will split the HTML Pages up because it makes it easier to browse and feels more like a PDF. There is a demo that you can see that shows how well it actually works:

Demo: PDF Document and the created HTML Document.

As you can see, it is fairly accurate. The only problem is that you have a few steps to get it on your computer and working. To use the GUI. You have to download PDF2HTML (which is not the interface for the application). Then the GhostScript and finally the PDF2HTMLgui Application. A few steps to get there, but I can imagine this application would be helpful. Certainly make viewing the documents quicker.

View PDF2HTMLgui: Turn PDF’s into HTML pages.

5 Comments on “PDF2HTMLgui: Turn PDF’s into HTML pages”

  1. x says:

    the download link now leads to one of those “search”
    advertising sites.
    This link is dead.

  2. Qwnsknight says:

    Link still dead. May 9th 2007 was the last time archive.org was able to pull an update. http://web.archive.org/web/20070408210816/http://guiguy.wminds.com/downloads/pdf2htmlgui/down.html

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