ListGarden is a free solution to create and maintain RSS feeds with a simple interface that works right out of your browser. The service is fairly similar to IceRockets RSS Builder, but has a whole lot more possibilities. Have a website that doesn’t have the ability to use RSS Feeds, Change Logs or Event listings, news, or even Podcasting. Yes, you can even do Podcasting with this RSS Builder. You can view the tutorial, Setting Up an RSS Feed for Podcasting Using ListGarden, which can bring you through the process.

The screenshot you see above is how you start ListGarden up in your browser. You simply install (very small) and click on the icon. It will then bring up the menu and just click on “Launch UI.” It will then bring the interface up in your browser that will allow you to start all the magic. It is a simple as filling in the title, the URL of the subject, and the description. The first thing you must do is to create a Feed by going to the “Feed” tab and inserting the information asked. Once you have that set, you are ready to start adding to the Feed. It is like making multiple posts and then submitting them all at once when your done. This will happen in the interface that the screenshot shows:

Once you have all of your items added to the list, you then go to the “Publish” tab. You then can enter your FTP information and it will upload the updated RSS Feed automatically for you. This way it is as simple and fast as possible. Seems to work great. Here is a listing of some features:

  • Creates and maintains RSS feeds
  • Produces both XML and optional human-readable companion HTML
  • Runs either on your PC or on a web server
  • Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
  • Open source
  • Requires no knowledge of XML or the RSS data format
  • Tuned for quick manual additions of new items and simple editing
  • Supports enclosures (New in Version 1.3)

View ListGarden: Home made RSS Feeds.

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