TactaPad, from Tactiva, has really gotten me excited, and I am sure once you see the videos, you will be too. TactaPad is a replacement for the mouse and is a totally new view on controlling the computer. The approach is more “natural” in that you do not have to move an object or anything like that, but rather use your hands as your mouse. and notice how I said, “hands?” TactaPad’s site says, “Interact with your computer in a direct and natural way. With the TactaPad you can reach into your computer and use both of your hands. Just like the real world.” To explain better, look at the following:

You see two transparent hands and a box moving sideways in motion with the hands. That is exactly what is possible with TactaPad. Your hands act as the cursors, everywhere you press onto the TactaPad will act as a sensor. When you press an action is made. Even force-feedback is included with it. “When you touch the TactaPad, the tactile response you feel is designed to fit the task. Pressing a button gives you a firm fall-through sensation that let’s you know it was pressed. A disabled button is stiff and buzzes, to let you know that your press is being ignored. And when dragging you feel a soft springiness, with only a light touch needed to move across the surface.”

Now, that is not all there is. Wait till you see it in use with TactaDraw. TactaDraw is an art program that will show you what is possible with TactaPad. After watching the video on it, you will see how amazing this really is. Imagine taking any object in the art program, resizing it with two hands, moving multiple objects at once, scrolling in a document and drawing at the same time, all that really neat stuff. Screenshot below shows the person holding a box with two fingers, moving it down, and rotating at the same time.

Now that I have gone over that, it is time to tell you the price. “Since the TactaPad is not in production, it is difficult to quote an exact price. Price will vary depending on the final feature set and dimensions. A rough estimate would be a retail price of about $1000.” Ouch! Well, from what it looks and from how it works, I am sure it will hit big.

Lastly, TactaPad is currently in the making for Windows and Macintosh. It is very easy to install as it uses a USB port and just a fairly modern graphics card, so you wont have to go get all this other hardware just to use it. I can’t wait for this to release!

View TactaPad. Mind Blowing and Productive!

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