iCollector is a great application, for Windows, that will help you copy all of your iTunes music to a different directory, but in MP3 Format. Why would you want to do this? Take this scenario that I have run into many times before: I have around 1, 300 songs by now on my iPod. This is great and everything, but I also drive 2 hours a day for college and wish to easily listen to all those songs with one CD. My stereo can handle MP3 CD’s that can easily store up to 250 MP3′s. Not even sure how many MP3′s I can fit on a storage DVD. Even better, I can put them in folders and easily navigate through them with my stereo. Oh, but wait… I can’t do that because iTunes saves the files in a different format (AAC).

“The goal of iCollector is to produce content for an MP3 CD/DVD. Most MP3 capable hardware can recognize albums, which are nothing more than subdirectories from the root of the MP3 CD/DVD. iCollector contains some options to nicely organize your music into MP3 albums.”

iCollector will copy my files and transfer them to the directory of choice, but also convert them into a compatible format with my stereo and MP3 CD Players. You simply make an exported list of all your songs that you want in iTunes, go through the iCollector wizard, and your songs are now in the destination you have chosen. Now, make your backups/CD’s and start listening freely. Enjoy.

View iCollector, MP3 CD/DVD’s from iTunes.

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