Pic2VID is a new service, currently in Beta, that will is an online video creation environment. Do you have a lot of pictures laying around and want to make something out of them? Well, I suggest giving Pic2VID a try (might as well because its free… for now). What you do is fairly simple. You insert all of your pictures that you would like in your video. Once your pictures are loaded up, you can then insert text-to-speech, your voice, and transitions.

The transitions are much like what you would see in PowerPoint. Circle, swipe, fade, horizontal, vertical, and all those special effects. They do actually look pretty nice. The next thing is text-to-speech. You have the ability to write text into the system and decide if you want it to be read by a woman’s voice or by a man, which is pretty cool if you did not want to use your own voice. Yes, you can use your own voice. Simply pickup the phone, call in, and leave a message. Your message will be what you will get recorded and the length span is for as long as you speak on the message. Very neat. The text-to-speech and your voice would be added to the movie and play while the movie is playing (the pictures and whatnot).

The service is currently free in its Beta Release, but their plans are to charge for Membership fees once it is released from the Beta stage. They will give you, what they call, 100 Media Minutes, for free. “MMT’s are recorded in increments of one minute, but excluding media that was served for less than 5 seconds. For example: If a clip is played for 4.5 seconds, 0 MMT is recorded; if the clip played for 45 seconds, 1 MMT is recorded; if the clip played for 80 seconds, 2 MMT’s are recorded, etc.” Looks like a good service. Worth a try.

View Pic2VID Beta, Pictures + Speach = Video.

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  1. rob says:

    is there anything out there that lets u choose text to speech voices from a huge library of options – fro example sean connery