Pingoat is a new service thats main feature is to ping your blogs so they it can send a reminder to feed sites like Technorati, IceRocket,, and all in one blow. There are other ping services out there, but I feel that this one knocks them off the map. It has a good sized list of available sites to send pings (at the time of writing this, there are 50), an RPC server you can plug into your blogging applications so it can process when you post, a listing of recent pinged sites, and also a Google Sitemap creator.

The Google Sitemap creator is a great idea that Pingoat has available on their website. First, you enter your sites URL, then how often it is updated, last modified date, and lastly the how proprietary it is. Click, “Create sitemap” and you’ve got yourself an XML file to use and insert into google. Now, if you are the lazy type, you can even have it FTP the sitemap and ping Google itself automatically for you. Meaning, you simply create the sitemap and your done. The rest will be taken care of. You fill in the information that I mentioned before, but this time click on the checkbox that says, “Upload to my FTP server?” Fill in your FTP information and bingo, your all set. Oh, and don’t worry, Pingoat will NOT store your FTP information.

Great service that is updated quiet often and has some really nice features to it. Great job.

Pingoat – The stable of all pings.

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