OneButton is an Open Source FTP Client for Macintosh that aims for being a simple drag and drop file queuing client. Yes, I said, file queuing, and that is the beauty of OneButton. You have the ability to have multiple connections, using the connection manager, and for each connection have files in queue for download/upload. It will then perform the task in order, thus being a file queue. Very helpful.

The OneButton website says, “There are a lot of nice graphical FTP clients for OS X out there right now, but none seem to have all the features everyone wants. Specifically, many of the current offerings don’t offer a lot in the way of an advanced queuing system. Moreover, most of the good clients are not open source or free software.” This is very true. There are a lot of FTP Clients available, but I have never been completely satisfied with one. After seeing OneButton, I wish that I knew about it earlier because queuing files is a great approach to transferring files with FTP.

OneButton FTP: File Queuing FTP Client.

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