openSubscriber is a great idea on keeping up to date on news groups. I have always found news groups to be very informative, especially when it comes to the programming groups, but I never really found a good method to keep up with them the way that I liked. There is the Email method, but if you are subscribed to a list, you know that it clogs up your inbox from time to time. With openSubscriber, you have the ability to select the news group you wish to keep up on by choosing the first letter of its name and then picking it out in the list, or by using their news group search and find a group that way. Once you are in the group you want to read, you then click on the top, “Click here see your RSS options…” That will then direct you to a page with eight RSS aggregators that you can select from or use the default feed URL.

For example, I have found the PHP General news group, which I find to be very informative. The RSS page then lists the last 20 messages and gives the available buttons and RSS feed URL. I personally am really happy for finding this service and I am now kept up to date with the PHP news group. Maybe there is a group that would be of interest to you that you can sign up to?

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