There is this new project simply called, Questions. Questions is a website where you can go to ask anything and receive and answer back by anyone. The project was developed using Ruby on Rails and consists of some nice effects, like the Yellow Fade Technique, and also has some use of AJAX in there. I feel that Questions is a great project and is a good way to get more opinionated answers from people faster. It is even a good place to go for a good chuckle.

The part that I like most about Questions is the ability to answer all the questions that people ask. Some questions are appropriate, some are immature, and some are mind bending. But that is what makes Questions so entertaining and addicting. I have answered atleast 15 questions from random people so far, and the answers don’t have to be anything special and descriptive. I even saw some answers from Brian Pipa, the fellow that directed me to this project from his great blog, My Vogon Poetry. The creator of the Questions project is Peter Cooper. Great job, Peter. It has been a lot of fun.

What I have also noticed about this project is that a lot of people seem to really like to know that they are free to ask and answer anything at anytime. As you look through the questions, you begin to familiarize names. I then started to pay attention to the time that the questions and answers have been asked by the same individual. I found that many of the visitors stay for a while or come back at a later time to have a stab at it. Fun? Indeed it is. Will I go back to it? Most likely I will, because after all, I need to see if anyone else has replied to my questions!

Have fun, view Questions: Ask and answer questions.

3 Comments on “Questions: Ask and answer questions”

  1. Brian P says:

    It’s Vogon poetry not Vagon :) Thanks for the mention and the compliment!


  2. Brian Benzinger says:

    Aw, sorry man. Your name is fixed. No problem for the mention though.

  3. noceh tpesk says:

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