Ryan Latham, owner of Unmatched Style, has just released a little tool that he has created that will help you understand your Google Adsense earnings called, “Adsense Calculator“. “The AdSense Calculator was created to give Google AdSense affiliates a better understanding of what effects their earnings. Through experimenting with values, it aims to provide a better understanding of what AdSense members must do to maximize their earnings.”

Nice work Ryan. Now only if my CTR wasn’t 0%, I can actually use it, that would be nice! Also, I just noticed the use of Remote Scripting with SAJAX. Very nice.

6 Comments on “Adsense Calculator”

  1. Ryan Latham says:

    Thanks for the mention. And yes it does use Sajax, I am going to go into details a bit about this on another blog of mine. But there were several reasons I took this approach, number one being I wanted to play with something new.

  2. Paul says:

    What happened to the Adsense calculator? I am unable to find it.

  3. Jan says:

    It’s up again!

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  6. Zino Mortgage says:

    Damn gone again, domain for sale.

    Looks like a handy app, i’ve read (i thought) everything on SolutionWatch in the past.. No idea why i didn’t catch this when it was online, but i found it searching for “Adsense Calculator”.

    Probably wouldn’t be too hard to make if a guy knew how to code.