Socialmarks is a new service that is a Social Bookmarking system (getting ready for Beta release) that will allow you to manage RSS/Atom Feeds and bookmark its posts with tags. But, it goes further. I would have been happy with just bookmarking the posts from the feeds, but with Socialmarks, you can even tag the RSS/Atom Feeds themselves. I really like this concept because instead of only websites being in the social bookmark system, RSS/Atom Feeds can be as well.

The screenshot above is a preview provided by the creator, Matt Kaufman, to give us a sneak peak of what to expect. I’m excited and by the looks of it, its going to be perfect for what I want to organize bookmarks.

Another neat feature that is explained on the main page is the Trend Discovery. “If you think like we do, you’ll see the potential of this combined data, especially over a longer time period. Using this data to the advantage, Socialmarks provides automated trend discovery tools, which show the rate and pace of information being shared (bookmarks, tags, RSS/Atom feeds), and more.”

Go signup for the Beta if you are interested, I sure did!

Update: Links pointing to the solution were not added, my mistake. They are now pointing to Socialmarks.

View Socialmarks: Social Bookmarking and Feed Syndication

5 Comments on “Socialmarks: Social Bookmarking and Feed Syndication”

  1. Matt Kaufman says:


    I really appreciate your excitement and positive feedback on Socialmarks.. Thanks! :)

  2. ycc2106 says:

    Wonder if you knew whar happened to socialmarks?
    Has it completely dissapeared?

  3. Matt Kaufman says:

    Hey! A lot has been happening to Socialmarks .. basically, 1) The way PHP handles character encoding is so inconsistant [got it working reliably in PHP 5], 2) Aggregating / storing feeds is *really* hard on the database, 3) AJAX-enhanced apps aren’t as quick/easy to develop as ‘normal’ web-based applications are .. etc..

    So no, it has not disappeared – I just under-estimated the amount of time this was going to take .. and I’m the only programmer (can’t make magic [besides the ajax] happen :))

  4. Matt Kaufman says:

    Oh, and my recent onset of RSI hasn’t helped the project at all either .. just another thing I’ve had to work around :)

  5. 3spots says:

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