FeedShake has recently released a new free service called, FeedCatch. FeedCatch will allow you to enter a RSS Feed and have it archive every entry that is added… forever. How you use it is simple: Go to FeedCatch and enter your RSS Feed’s URL. Then fill in the optional fields below and click on “Create my feed.” That’s it! Depending on the options you specified, you will now have an archived RSS Feed.

The options that FeedCatch provides you will allow you to remove entries added to the feed after a certain amount of entries are listed, by the hour, or even removing it if it has been viewed (clicked on). The feed that is created will also be given in an XML file format and will provide the title and the comment of the post.

For those of you that don’t know what FeedShake is, you may read my article about it: FeedShake – Merge, Sort, and Filter RSS Feeds.

View FeedCatch – RSS Archiving by FeedShake.

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  1. TechCrunch says:

    Profile – FeedCatch

    Company: FeedCatch
    Launched: August 2005
    Note: service of FeedShake (profile)
    Thanks to Nivi who pointed me to FeedShake’s new FeedCatch feed archiving service.
    FeedCatch is a nice little tool that allows you to take any feed and a…

  2. TechCrunch » Profile - FeedCatch says:

    [...] expect FeedCatch to store any stable data this week. Link Additional Links: ResearchBuzz, SolutionWatch

    Tags: feedcatch, feedshake, rss, atom, feeds [...]

  3. soha mikati says:

    the link feedcatch is not working! i need a solution to archive the RSS feeds. Is it possible?