YouTube is a new service that is pretty much like Flickr with photos, but YouTube is with Video. I must say, I am very impressed by it as well. It is a free service that allows you to upload up to 100MB each video, which in my opinion is a generous amount of space. You can share your videos, recieve commentary, browse other videos, make a favorites list, and even make a listing of your friends from YouTube.

One feature that I was pleased to see was that when you view videos, they are not showing the actual files with Quicktime or Windows Media Player plugins, but they convert the videos into Shockwave Flash (SWF) Files. I like this because it is faster loading, looks better (as you can see with the below screenshot), and it is probably a better move for YouTube space wise. It is a simple play, pause, and mute capable player, but that is all that is needed. Videos stream fairly fast (of course depending on the size of the video).

What I also liked was the commenting feature. It is your average comment system but also give you the ability to add an attachment (see below). It will generate a list of your uploaded videos and the videos that are your favorites and allow you to attach them to the comment you are making.

When adding a video, you are to provide a title, comment, and tags. Yes, tagging is involved as well, which is just splendid! I was in the mood for looking at Skateboarding videos, so I click on the skateboarding tag and I was instantly presented with a listing of home videos and interviews of skateboarding. You will also be asked three optional fields: Date Recorded, Location Recorded, and Country (I sense a Google Map hack coming!) to provide some more information for your video for your viewers.

Developers, your left out either! Integrate YouTube into your applications using their simple XML API! “With the set of YouTube XML APIs, developers can integrate applications directly into YouTube’s growing repository of videos. The API calls will allow you to conduct tag searches, fetch video details, list videos by user, etc. Furthermore, it is a fundamental belief of ours that web services and web-enabled desktop applications will be paving the road of future software. Along these beliefs, we will be putting a tremendous amount of effort into enhancing our APIs as well as assisting 3rd party developers in every possible way.”

Overall, I think that YouTube is a great service and I am going to enjoy watching everyones videos!

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  1. Kenneth says:

    Thanks! I had been scouring around the ‘net for a “solution” to my growing video collection.

    Interestng that they have an API for developers. I will try it out.

    Once again, good find. I wanted to say thanks.

  2. Brian Benzinger says:


    (Your email address didn’t work so I’m replying here.)

    Thank you for the comment, I am glad that I could help. YouTube looks like a great service and from when I was testing around with it, very easy to use. Looks like its a great community and place to store your videos.

    Yes, I do hope that we will begin seeing some developments with the API. Should be very interestings. If you ever create anything, let me know!

    Thanks again

  3. foO says:

    damn, this is pretty slick :)

    /adds bookmark

  4. TechCrunch says:

    Profile – YouTube

    Company: YouTube
    Launched: early 2005
    Location: Palo Alto, California
    YouTube is very much like flickr (profile), but for videos. You can upload videos in a number of different formats ( .AVI, .MOV, and .MPG ). Videos can be of any length, …

  5. TechCrunch » Profile - YouTube says:

    [...] be will be quickly acquired and/or duplicated. We love it. Additional Links: SurfersSurf, SolutionWatch, 23Corner, Technoogle, Jason Pearce (note the comments), MochiBot [...]

  6. VaamYob says:

    I’ve written a wordpress plugin to embed a single youtube video or an entire youtube video gallery into your post/page. You can also display a random video thumbnail in your sidebar etc.

    Check it out here:

  7. yo mama says:

    its slow

  8. thomas says:

    hi ,
    can u please help me out in integrating youtube into my simple application….