IceRocket has done it once again. They have won me over Google with their addition of Blog searching, their great RSS Builder that I touched up on previously, and now they built a Link Tracker. Link Tracker will allow you to add a that will say how many people are linking to every post on your blog (example in the screenshot below). Link Tracker is a great service that you can easily install into your weblog using some simple PHP and JavaScript, or use an IFrame Based version.

The above screenshot was taken from Blog Maverick, which is using IceRocket’s Link Tracker. By looking at the site, you can tell that it works perfectly with any blog. It does not cluster posts because it is a simple text link, shows how many people are linking to the post, and also looks to be quite accurate.

Just a note about IceRocket: IceRocket is my search engine of choice now because the features that is consists of are excellent. Blog search, Web search, News, Images from web and from phone, IceRocket has it. The company is also very kind. My first post about IceRocket was about the RSS Builder they provide. Within 20 minutes of posting it, I received a kind email saying their thanks for the mention. How cool is that!? If you would like to see a review of IceRocket, TechCrunch has an excellent article about their services and search engine. Great work IceRocket. I am now on your fan list.

View IceRocket scores again! Introducing Link Tracker.

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  1. Blake Rhodes says:

    I’m glad you like IceRocket. Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions.

    Blake Rhodes

    rhodes at

  2. TechCrunch says:

    Update – IceRocket (Link Tracker)

    Company: IceRocket (Link Tracker)
    Previous Profiles: July 29, 2005, July 31, 2005

    What’s New?
    IceRocket released their Link Tracker tool for website owners. There are a couple of fairly simple integration options.
    This tool will insert a lin…

  3. TechCrunch » Update - IceRocket (Link Tracker) says:

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  4. techcrunch » Blog Archive » Update - IceRocket (Link Tracker) says:

    [...] SolutionWatch, Kevin Burton, Blog Herald, PinoyTopBlogsProject, Tris Hussey, RSSKitty, BasicThinking, Technoogle [...]

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