RSSVIAEMAIL is a neat idea for allowing anyone to receive the latest information from the provided RSS Feeds. All you do is send an email to the address provided on the website with the subject of the email with keywords from the RSS Feed listing. Do not fill the email body, just put the title. When you send it, you will shortly receive an email back the latest updates from the RSS Feeds you specified.

Example Email Subject line:

slashdot joel xlab

The above subject line will send me the RSS Feeds from Slashdot, Joel on Software, and XLab. You will recieve the latest updates from each site in a seperate email and in a text only formatting.

This is a great tool and I will definitely be using this. Especially when Bloglines goes down or when I am at College.

View RSSVIAEMAIL: Send and recieve RSS Feeds on demand.

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