I am really liking this project, called Tackboard, created by Kyle and Michael. Tackboard is a web application that allows you to upload your designs, show them to clients, and get feedback. It is a nice and simple application that gets straight to the point. On the website, it gives you three test accounts that you may use: Administrator, Designer, and Client.

In the Administrator account you have the ability to manage everything from the projects, designs, user accounts, and all the other good stuff. From the looks of it, you can have as many projects, clients, and designers as you want. In the Designer account you are presented with a list of projects that you are assigned to. You can edit, delete, and view the project. On viewing a project you are presented with all the designs that have been added to it and an option to add categories for these images. When I clicked on “Add Category,” it did a very attractive fade technique that won me. Very nice touch. When you login to the client account, it will bring you right to the designs for the project that you are assigned to with all of the designs inside. You cannot edit the projects or designs, but you can add comments that would then be given to the designer and administrator to look at. This I like and cannot think of how many times I would have liked to use this in the past.

I did have a few issues with the application though. On certain pages that I wanted to edit a designer or project, it would come up with an error page. Also, earlier when I wanted to try to signup, it was coming up with MySQL errors, but I believe this issue has been fixed as I did signup. Which also brings me another question. When I signed up, it brought me to a page saying, “Oops! It looks like the project manager has not given you permission yet. Please notify them and come back later.” I figured, maybe it was an error that I typed. So, I went back to the signup page and filled it out again, but this time it said the account existed already. Seeing this page, I decided to try to login, but that just presented me with the same comment about the project manager. But no biggy, on the site, the creators say, “If something does not work, we’ll get around to fixing it shortly. Thank you.” I will wait and see because I am definitely interested in Tackboard.

Kyle and Michael, beautiful job on the application and best of luck with it. I love it and find it very useful. I am sure others will.

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  1. momo says:


    do you have any screen grabs or images of what this tool looks like, or it’s end product? their site just says coming soon.