Apple has released their latest product today, the Mighty Mouse. According to Apple, “This mouse just aced the maze,” and they are definitely right. The new mouse features a Right-Clicking (thank you!), rolling, squeezing, and scrolling and still keeps the signature top-shell design. Honestly, I thought Apple was going to produce some PC looking mouse with the left and right click buttons, but white. Well, they have shown me wrong and I am very glad because I cannot wait to put my hands on one.

The new clicking technology is brilliant. “Capacitive sensors under Mighty Mouse’s seamless top shell detect where your fingers are and predict your clicking intentions, so you don’t need two buttons — just two fingers. Click on the left side to use Mighty Mouse in its simplest, single-button form. Click on the right to access contextual menus within applications and edit, copy, label or download from your mouse. It’s simple sleight of hand.”

Another feature that is mind blowing is the scrolling wheel. This is not your normal scrolling wheel. It can scroll up, down, and even top and right. You now have control of 360 degree scrolling with this puppy (well, mouse). To get a better look at Might Mouse, view the QTVR 3D viewer. This mouse is stunning.

View Apple’s Mighty Mouse.

Update: If you viewed this post earlier and saw my typo in the title, sorry for the confusion. It has been fixed.

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