Mirror Me is a new service that you can use to manage and track your files for free. Mirror Me allows you to add a listing of files by providing the filename and the URL to the file from your website. Once your file has been added, you will be given a Download URL provided by Mirror Me that you will use to replace the use of the original files path. When the file is accessed using the Mirrr Me Download URL, it will add to the download counter, record the referrer, Country, and Browser from which it was downloaded.

Statistics are easily viewed by using PHP/SWF Charts and simple listing of results in tables. You are given a count for the average daily downloads, top 10 Countries, top 5 Browsers, and an overview of the last 30 days.

You are also given the ability to add multiple mirrors to each file that you add. In the screenshot above, the greenish colored tables is an area in which it lists the mirrors you have added. You can add mirrors and specify its limitation by Downloads, Bandwidth, Block association, or the choice of Unlimited limitation. Block association is simply a method Mirror Me uses to limit the use of Bandwidth that you set. For example, if the mirror can only handle 1GB of bandwidth a month, create a Block for it and it will make sure not to go over that amount and switch to a different Mirror in the list. Excellent idea.

View Mirror Me: Download Tracking and Mirroring.

Update: If you are interested, Mirror Me has a weblog if you would like to keep up on their project.

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