Orbit is a free application for Windows that will make a dock from a Macintosh, but with one major difference. It is round. It may sound strange at first, but wow is it really a great application launcher. “Orbit is a program similar to Apple’s dock. But it’s different. It is a program that instead of taking up space on screen, it stays hidden and only shows up whenever you call it. Orbit appears around the mouse showing shortcuts, folders, links to web sites, image thumbnais and all the other items that you have added to it.”

Inside of Orbit are icons that you specify that will perform specific tasks that you tell it to. It could be a group of applications that will then create another orbit for itself, or a single application that will launch when clicked. Orbit has some very nice effects too when it comes to animating the icons: Spinning, sliding, and zooming are all included in the animation if you choose. Orbit also has the ability to add transparency, although it is fairly stressful on the computer. It is recommended to use the default setting and have it come up in its own space unless you have a computer that can handle it.

You may also use your own images for the icons, orbit circles, etc., if you wanted to increase the customization you are given.

View Orbit: The Round Dock for Windows.

One Comment on “Orbit: The Round Dock for Windows”

  1. Laorence says:

    If you are in Desktop Configure Properties window,
    then if you want to change Image Icon…., which
    you have to click ” Browse for another image “…
    and the browser window will appear.. i have noticed that the icon on the left pane doesn’t appear correct. ” The Icon appears in folder with a name orbit0350full…” where it supposed to be that you will find the correct icon of… “History, My Docutmets, Favorites, FTP, Desktop, etc.”.. I think this is an error to your program because while using other applications/programs i have the “Look In browser” appears normal…