Temptation Blocker is a sure way to help you get things done and on time. Temptation Blocker is a free Windows application created by WebJillion that will block you from any programs you specify for the amount of time that you tell it to. How is this useful? Well, if you are trying to work at home, there are a ton of distractions, and mostly from the computer itself. I am a victim of it. I get a little bored for a minute, open up a game, watch a movie that I found from an RSS Feed, etc. With Temptation Blocker, just block these programs as you work and set the limit. You will be unable to use them and you can even Ctrl+Alt+Del out of the program.

The only way you can get out of the Temptation Blocker is by entering the long and random 32 character string in case of desperate need. Even that pushes it, I mean, who wants to type a 32 character string to close a program? I don’t, so that kills my temptations right there.

Great job WebJillion on Temptation Blocker. It is a great method to help getting things done.

View WebJillion’s Temptation Blocker (via).

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