Gregarius is a very cool looking Web-Based Feed Aggregator that is completely free and packed with features. The only thing is, it is not remotely hosted, meaning you have to install it on your own server. But, the beauty of having it on your own server is that you can access it anytime, anywhere, and it is reliable. I hate to happily wake up one day to find that my Bloglines account wont work because it is temporarily down.

Now let me get into the better details now. Gregarius is a free aggregator that is compatible with RSS, RDF, and ATOM Feeds. It is powered by PHP, MySQL, and AJAX goodness. It has a powerful use of tagging, which in testing in the demo, works beautifully for my liking.

  • Completely web-based (runs on your web server)
  • Supports RDF, RSS, ATOM feeds
  • Imports and exports OPML
  • Simple, password-protected, web-based administration and configuration
  • AJAX powered item tagging
  • Search in your feeds
  • Basic i18n support (English, French, Swedish, Spanish language packs available)
  • Committed to web standards: renders XHTML/CSS
  • Gregarius is FREE software and is released under the GPL

This will go perfect with XAMPP running on my computer also! Although, I may consider keeping it online so I can access it elsewhere easier.

View Gregarius: a Free, Web-based Feed Aggregator.

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