7 Ways to Get More Done by Jon Gordon gives some great advice on getting things done. It is a very good read because it feels more personal because Jon will mention his life and family often while relating to certain issues. In the article, it will give 7 ways to get more productive with your life and what you have to do to adjust. Jon will touch up on:

  • Go to Bed early and Wake Up Early
  • Know Your Priorities and Write them Down
  • Focus
  • Create Mini-retreats
  • Let Go of Negativity and Self Doubt
  • Let Go of Attachments and Expectations
  • Delegate

Personally, I probably have to work on most, if not all of, that is on the list. “Go to bed early and wake up early.” That is probably the hardest one for me to conquer as of now. I wake up at 6:00AM for college and do not hit the bed until at least midnight. I really need to get better at that. We all can probably benefit from working on any one of these.

View 7 Ways to Get More Done by Jon Gordon.

5 Comments on “7 Ways to Get More Done”

  1. evan says:

    “Know Your Priorities and Write them Down” is key.

  2. Brian Benzinger says:

    I agree. That is one thing that I know I really should do, but I manage to forget to. Then I forget… what I wanted to do. Hah.

    But, on my desk, I have about 10 stick it notes all with things I need to get done. When I complete one, I rip it off my desk and go onto the next.

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