SizeMe is a program for Windows that will automatically find out how many CD’s you will need to fully burn a certain amount of directories and files. What you do is have SizeMe scan a directory. It will then compare the amount of space with your amount of floppy/zip/CD-R/DVD discs that you need. It will then try to fill up each disc as much as it can to help get the most out of your discs.

  • Drag’n'Drop support so you can simply drag the Disc into Nero (or any other preferred burning software) and it will add the maximized disc
  • Customizes as you select
  • Context menu handling by right clicking on a drive anywhere in Explorer

SizeMe is a great tool that I am going to definitely try the next time I backup everything. When I backup my music, photos, website data and designs, it takes a good number of CDs. In using SizeMe, I am sure it will help me get the fullest out of each CD.

View SizeMe – Maximize your output!

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  1. Lars Werner says:

    Hi there…

    I’m the creator of the software, and I’m looking for feedback on the software! Please let me know if you have any other ideas for the program?