JotSpot is an interesting Wiki tool that seems to be pretty powerful. “JotSpot makes simple web applications simple to build by combining wikis and web applications in an easy-to-use hosted service for workgroups.” It is currently in Beta release and is an online application so you can access it from anywhere, anytime. I signed up for the Beta release and I must say, I was pretty impressed.

Some of the things that I liked about JotSpot: I liked how there are so many uses! Look at this list, JotPost – Uses. I can list quiet a bit of those that I would like to use. I also found that for each page that you create in the wiki, it has it own email address that you can use to send content. Excellent feature. When editing a page, you may also choose to edit in WYSIWYG, Simple WYSIWYG, Script Markup, and even XML. Lastly, is the integration of applications that you can create and manage. I was shocked when I viewed the application list and saw “BlogApp.” This is a premade application that you can actually use a blog throughout the wiki. I am assuming it is held only within the admistration, but not sure on this. Overall, it has some really nice features and capabilities.

However, when I signed up and logged in for the first time, I was very overwhelmed. The screen gets covered with so many options that it made me pretty confused on what I was doing. I like how the Edit Page gives you the option to choose what kind of edit you want to do though (WYSIWYG, Simple WYSIWYG, Script Markup, and even XML), so that does help out a lot. Other then that, the Wiki looks very nice and is worth a try.

JotSpot is currently in Beta and will not be free when released. If you signup for the Beta, it does say in the FAQ that you may get a discount for testing the application before its release. Free to try out, have fun.

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    Wednesday September 28th 2005, 3:02 am ,
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