Finding Time to Write is a great article from that gives helpful advice on making time for writing. These techniques are for writing in general, so I am going to use them to work on my blogging as well. I don’t have too much time to blog because I am a full time college student and work a good amount of hours a week. The time I have available, I try to work on my blogs and other project. Some of these tips may help make me some time, or help me manage the time I have better.

The article will go over:

  • Make the Time
  • Change the Kind of Writing You Do
  • Train Yourself to Write Fast
  • Simplify Your Life
  • Figure Out the Best Times of the Day for You to Write
  • Don’t Answer The Phone
  • Decide Whether Or Not Writing Is A Priority

Finding Time to Write has very helpful tips and I am sure they can help out many people organize their time. Unfortunately, as of now, the best time to write for me is at night past 11:00PM or on the weekends. Maybe I will be able to clear things up by working on these.

View Finding Time to Write.

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  1. deadliner says:

    Thanks for the excellent link, and for a really useful and intereting site. I’ve only just scratched the surface, and have already found a whole lot of useful articles. I’m currently doing the Nanowrimo thing at the moment to try and force myself to write every day, after slacking off for far too long. I’m also trying to post to my new blog every day, and make it at least half interesting. It’s called Deadliner, and its built on the premise that with a gun to the head, anyone can milk a cow. Check it out if you get a free minute, I’d really appreciate your comments.

    Anyway, keep up this really useful resource! I’m subscribing.