Pixen 2, created by Open Sword, is an amazing application that was built specifically for Pixel Designers / Artists and is for Macintosh. I know that this application would have really helped out any of my pixel projects back when I used to pixel design because the features make everything a whole lot easier to work with. One feature that I found is very helpful is the Alignment Crosshair, seen below.

As said from the Pixen 2 website, “Many pixel artists find themselves drawing guides on the edges of their images or have difficulty lining up pixels properly, or keeping symmetry where it is necessary. Pixen’s alignment crosshair feature is simple to turn on, configurable in color, and will show one exactly where the incoming pixel is to be placed.”

Another feature that is very cool that my brother pointed out to me as we were playing with Pixen is the Right-Click Tools. Wow, is this a great idea. If you use Photoshop or any art program really, they usually feature the ability to have other features on certain tools with the right-click button, like having black on left, blue on the right. What Pixen 2 did is made this a whole lot stronger by making a whole new tool set for the left mouse button and the right mouse button. So, for instance. You can set the left click to be a green 1×1 pixel, while when you right click, it will make a black line. Or, maybe you would like the right click to be the eraser. I’m sure you can think of all the combinations. Brilliant feature.

Pixen 2 is the best Pixel Art application I have seen and is amazingly free. The performance, features, and everything are just perfect. If you want to learn pixel design, I recommend reading the tutorial, “The Complete Guide to Isometric Pixel Art,” and then download this application (for Macintosh only), and design away. My only wish is that this was available for Windows too!

View Pixen 2, Pushing Pixels to the Limit, Created by Open Sword.

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