Recap is a service that is currently in the making that has a lot of features that sound like it can really help your business with sending invoices. It seems to be pretty much on the same path as Blinksale. Recap is not completed, but the features that it lists sound great that will allow you to run your business how you want. Also, don’t think just the business owner has access, the clients are given their own area to leave messages, see billing information, etc. Below are some of Recap’s features:

  • Capture needed information, organize your clients and projects, then send out the bills. It’s that simple. You do need to get paid, right?
  • Let your clients log in and look up their own billing information, ask questions and leave important messages.
    Better employee-client relationships.
  • Understand which employees work best with your clients, and delegate projects accordingly. See who needs help and get people to the right place.
  • Easily search and categorize records. Build nearly any type of report you can think of. Who did what, when, where and how ling did it take? It’s all there.

More details will be given when the first Beta release of Recap comes. But, till then, keep your eyes pealed because it sounds like it will be a good service for any type of business owner.

View Recap: Create, Organize, and send Invoices.

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