ffGallery (flash free gallery) is an image gallery system that was made to make an alternative to all the flashy galleries made using Macromedia Flash. It is an attempt to make a great looking gallery using JavaScript, CSS, PHP, and the SAJAX Toolkit. The gallery is very nice and since it uses AJAX, it is pretty fast. Switch between categories and load up images without having to refresh the page.

I decided to write this software after seeing many people using Flash for their galleries in an attempt to make them look cool. In general they accomplished their goals, but at the price of being ‘Flashy’ with long load times, browser incompatibilities, the need for a plug-in, and general dislike from some of their intended audience. What I’m trying to do with ffGallery is have a Flash like user experience, without the Flash overhead, hence a flash free Gallery.

You are able to view a demo from the ffGallery website. Great work to the creator.

View ffGallery, Photo Gallery using AJAX.

3 Comments on “ffGallery, Photo Gallery using AJAX”

  1. sumeet wadhwa says:

    the ffgallery link is not active…pls check

  2. damiien says:

    the ffgallery link is dead.

  3. joe says:

    Don’t waste your time. None of the links work.