This is a very interesting peice of code that you may want to peak at: Track Google Adsense Clicks. It involves tracking clicks of Adsense ads. The creator, Dave, says, “If you’re feeling any qualms, don’t worry. If you read through the TOS [], no rules are being broken by this method. There is no need to modify any of Google’s code.”

The solution will store the data it retrieves into a MySQL database using PHP as the programming language. Dave gave a description of how it works: “Once the Adsense ad is clicked, the IFRAME that it has been embedded within will ‘focus,’ thus calling the Javascript function logClick. This function will then call trackerScript.php and pass to it the current page’s title, as well as the current window status message (Note: The URL of the clicked ad is displayed in the window status message. Eureka!).”

This seems like an interesting method and may be very helpful for some of you Adsense users. I’m going to wait on it and see if anything happens with this first, even if it says that it doesn’t break any terms. Overall, good work Dave, looks like a nice solution.

Track Google Adsense Clicks

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