Ever feel like just relaxing to the sound of nature? Well, I have. It is actually very comforting if you work infront of your computer all day with nature right outside, but with no access to it. Well, do I have the solution for you. It is called, Atmosphere Lite, and it gets the job done well of making nature sounds for specific categories, or your own generated nature sounds. Atmosphere Lite comes packed with preset nature sound environments like summer, jungle, woodland, and coast. You also have the ability to create your own and save it so you can use it again. Make sure to choose a photograph and background color to go with the sound to get the mood right.

If you don’t want to just have it run whenever you start the application, then set it to the alarm functionality. Set the alarm and wake up in the morning to the sounds of summer, tropic, stream, etc. It is very relaxing and free. It’s nice to get the sounds of nature in the office :)

View Atmosphere Lite: nature sound environment generator.

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