Clipboard Recorder is a Clipboard management application that will allow you to record everything that you copy to the clipboard and very easily navigate back to it. Clipboard Recorder has been a dream for me ever since I installed it. It allows me to save all the information I am working with into a list that I can retrieve back from the application by either going into the application, or using keyboard shortcuts. Each time you copy data to the clipboard, it will save it and place it into an easy interface that will display an icon of the application the data was copied from. When writing, saving a list of web addresses, or just some notes, it saves a huge deal of time.

  • Works seamlessly with Microsoft Office and other applications.
  • Supports a variety of formats. Including RTF text, HTML, CSV, Bitmap, Meta file and Embedded Object.
  • Four easy ways to access the records: popup list, floating list, menu and the main window.
  • Supports Transferring clipboard data between computers.
  • Small and Highly optimized. Uses negligible resources.

You can also delete single items that have been saved to the Clipboard Recorder or delete them all at once. Also, if you wish to not record anything, you have the ability to pause the recording feature.

View Clipboard Recorder: Better Clipboard! Better Desktop!

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