DeskPins is a very small application that has helped me with managing open windows. Simply, all it does is keeps windows on top of everything else by a method of setting pins on the windows. This has also helped a great deal with my blogging. It is like a photo board that you stack photos on with the pins, layering them one by one… It’s sort of like that, which I think is an easier method to manage. I actually use this application quite a bit now, and really.. I never thought I was going to. Right now, as I am typing about this solution, I have DeskPins website pinned down on the bottom so I can read off the site at the same time.

  • Unlimited number of pins available.
  • Intelligent handling of various application types.
  • Powerful wildcard-based automatic pin support.
  • Global hotkeys.
  • Negligible system resources usage.

I find DeskPins very helpful as a blogger as I can have certain windows containing the subject I am writing about, and keep it on top, not having to flip back to it over and over. I also use this application with an application that makes windows transparent. So, I pin a window, set it to transparent, and now I have a floating window that you can see through. Perfect.

View DeskPins: Keep open windows on top.

One Comment on “DeskPins: Keep open windows on top”

  1. Nicky Williams says:

    Great program. I’m an audio editor for a radio station in the UK and I ofter ID tag the singles using the resourse of two websites. The problem I used to have is that when I right-click on the properties of an MP3 track and go straight to a website to copy the artist or title, I would have either minimize all the windows or right-click again. Very time consuming. With this program it stays on screen when I switch to either website or whatever I happen to be doing. Great. 100/100