Mayk is a neat application that will sit on top of all windows and will allow you to type keywords to select applications or groups of applications to launch. Mayk also features auto completion so you really only need to type 2 or 3 letters to get the correct application to launch. Useful, and fast. Below is a list of what Mayk can do:

  • Be very small and discrete.
  • Accept dropped Desktop and Start menu shortcuts and create shortcuts out of them in a single step.
  • Create shortcut groups – files that will be opened with a single shortcut.
  • Open, without made shortcuts, anything Windows can from Run dialog.
  • Help you remember your appointments.
  • Monitor used RAM and CPU load.
  • Inspect any window to see its size, application owner and handle (and make shortcut of it).
  • Find files fast and easy with preposterously fast search utility.
  • Stays on top of all windows for easy access or lay hidden in system tray.

Mayk is a freeware utility that is compatible with Windows.

View Mayk, the file launcher.

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