Blinksale is a new service created by, Firewheel Design, that allows you to create and send invoices online using CSS Templates for the invoice designs. You can use Blinksale to create invoices for your products or services and send them to your customer or client. You are able to use invoice templates, that are beautiful, or if your using a paid plan, you can create your own designs. The templates are CSS based and come out really nicely. You may also send Thank You letters to your client or customer, which is also a big plus with Blinksale.

  • Send elegantly formatted invoices to your customers’ email
  • Send payment reminders when an invoice is past-due
  • Send thank-you messages when an invoice is closed
  • Track open, past-due, and closed invoices
  • Add PayPal payment links to your invoices
  • Customize the look and feel of your invoices with CSS
  • Subscribe to your invoices with iCal & RSS

Blinksale has four plans: Platinum ($29/month), Gold ($14/month), Silver ($6/month), and Free. With the Free plan, you are limited to three (3) invoices per month and have up to three clients. Great service, definitely worth a look.

View Blinksale, The easiest way to send invoices online.

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