The one thing that I love more than my CD collection are my books. I purchase many books and I really enjoy and try to take them in as well as I can. But sometimes I have trouble finding what book to get next. Today I came across, What Should I Read Next? This service will allow you to add your favorite books to a list. When you are done adding them, you click on the “What Should I Read Next” button. It will then generate a listing of books that may be of interest by comparing your favorites with real reader recommendations.

What Should I Read Next? is currently in beta and is needing our participation to add our favorite books to get this thing kicking! I’ve added around 10 books so far, all of which are my favorite. Hopefully my contribution will be of some help to the techies :) I’m going to wait for a little bit, let the database grow, and then come back and hopefully get some good results. Small, simple, straight to the point, and books. What more can I ask for!

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