As I was doing my daily search for some nice solutions, I came across this project called, DBGrid created by, Robert Thompson. This is a web based project that will act like a spreadsheet or database type system that was created using PHP, SQLite, and it even uses XML HTTP Request. The use of XML HTTP Request makes it feel like im using a normal spreadsheet application because of its quick response time. I was fairly upset though because the author did not have any way of showing that he was the creator. No link, no copyright information, nothing. If you read this Robert, I just want to say, excellent job in creating this because it is a decent and unique application that you deserve some recognition for.

Right when I found this on HotScripts, the name immediately caught my attention. I downloaded it and set it up on my localhost. There were a few errors that came up and a few folders that needed to be created however. There was no Readme file, so I was unaware of this, but after tweaking the code around, adding the folders and whatnot, it seemed to run pretty smoothly.

This speadsheet like system has some nice features. To begin you simply fill in the input box with a Grid name and click on, “New Grid.” You can create as many grids as you wish with the ability to select each one again to work with. If you must know, I created the grids, “Test” and “Cool Beans.” Once my grids were created, I click on “Add Row” and “Add Column” a few times. In doing this it created some rows and colums for me ready to get data filled in. In the screenshot provided above, you can see what this looks like. I tried to be creative with my values that I filled in. Each time you make a change, it will display, “Field Updated” in the “Server Status” field to notify you that the request was successful. You can also order the rows and columns by click on the left, right, or down arrows. The left arrow will move the column to the left, right will move the column to the right. The down arrow will sort any column that you select the arrow from.

This is a great solution. I just wish that there was some way to get give more credit to the creator and get some more information on it. This solution could be very useful in other web applications and im sure other developers would have some interest in this as well. If you know a little PHP, go check it out and give it a test run and see what its capable of.

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  1. Robert Thompson says:

    Hi, thanks for the nice review of DBGrid.

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