Duncan of, The Blog Herald, has written an excellent article on “Understanding links, their value and structure.” The article covers the type of links that occur on the world of the Internet with a unique grading system, Grades from 1 – 5. Grade 1 being the highest link effect, 5 being the lowest.

The article will go over:

  • Types of links
  • Links from within the blogosphre
  • Networks
  • The incest problem
  • Inner and outer networks
  • The Good and the Bad of Links

Duncan’s article, “Understanding links, their value and structure,” is one of the best I have read in covering links. It is very important to understand links, and I have learned that greatly when getting into blogging. Anyone who owns a website can probably learn a thing or two by reading this. Some comments may seem obvious, but we do need reminders :)

Get Linking! Great article Duncan… how’d I do?!

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