Dijjer is an interesting method of P2P File Sharing that is really a great idea. It works like this… you download the Dijjer client which is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Once you have it downloaded, open the application. This will start the Dijjer client on your computer. Now, Dijjer is not your normal P2P where you would search in an application for a file and download it. It the Dijjer website and the client you have installed to work together.

Any file online marked with http://dijjer.org/get/ infront of it will automatically direct the download to Dijjer. Dijjer would then look to see if the downloader has Dijjer installed. If not, it will request for it to be installed. If they do have it, some of the file will be downloaded from where the download originates, and some from the users of Dijjer. It is fairly confusing to explain and is better to try it to find out how it really works. In a way, it is like BitTorrent downloading.

If you have a very large file that lots of people are downloading and you want to save bandwidth, just put http://www.dijjer.org/get/? before the link. It almost sounds too easy doesn’t it? The way it works is that when somebody clicks on that link it takes them to a page on Dijjer.org. That page figures out if they have Dijjer or not, and if they do they just start downloading the file from your site using Dijjer (which saves you bandwidth). If they don’t have Dijjer, they’ll be lead through the installation process, and then they can come back and download the file using Dijjer. From then on, they’ll just click as usual.

I think this is a very unique method and is a great way for website owners to put their movies on their site and not get crushed by mass amounts of bandwidth because users using Dijjer will be sharing the transfer. The only thing is… will your site visitors want to install the Dijjer software to download a movie from your site?

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